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Captivate your customers with tasty sweets through a visually stunning presentation. Indulge in the delicious goodness of your favorite treats with the exquisite wholesale chocolate boxes available on the market that not only safeguard but also enhance chocolate’s irresistible appeal. 

Nowadays, you can satisfy your customers with premium packaging designed exclusively for chocolatiers, and retailers who demand nothing but the best for their chocolates. In this article, we will dive into details about some of the various chocolate box suppliers.

Suppliers Of Wholesale Chocolate Boxes 

The following are some wholesale chocolate box suppliers out there.

Berlin Packaging

Berlin Packaging is a trustworthy chocolate box wholesaler. Berlin Packaging makes chocolate, truffle, and gift boxes for chocolates and confections. Their website makes it easy to browse merchandise and place an order, and their friendly staff can answer queries and make revisions.

Packaging Supplies

Packaging Supplies offers several chocolate display and packaging alternatives. Packaging Supplies provides clear plastic containers and folding carton boxes. Their website is fast, secure, and user-friendly for chocolatiers that need bulk packaging materials.

Packaging Specialties Online

Packaging Specialties creates unique, eye-catching packaging for numerous items, including chocolate. Wholesale chocolate boxes come in many forms, sizes, and finishes. 

Their robust and attractive packaging options may assist chocolate producers. The website has a package design gallery and a quotation request form for custom packaging.

Clearwater Paper Corp.

Clearwater Paper, a paperboard packaging company, offers chocolate producers eco-friendly packaging. Eco-friendly chocolate packaging protects and looks good. Clearwater Paper Corporation’s website details their packaging solutions and eco-friendly business practices.

Webstaurant Store

Webstaurant Store is a one-stop shop for all the supplies that restaurants and other food businesses would need, including bulk orders of chocolate boxes. Window boxes, ballotin boxes, and other chocolate-friendly packaging alternatives are available. 

Webstaurant Store is a one-stop shop for packaging solutions for the confectionery industry, offering both low prices and a wide selection. Their intuitive interface makes it simple to peruse the site and place a purchase.

Mid-Atlantic Packaging

Mid-Atlantic Packaging offers chocolate manufacturers and retailers a variety of wholesale packaging options. They have a wide variety of chocolate boxes available in different colors, sizes, and designs, allowing chocolate makers to pick the ideal container for their wares. 

They are dedicated to the happiness of its clients, so they provide chocolates in a variety of sturdy and aesthetically pleasing packages. Customers looking for packaging ideas can utilize the website’s user-friendly layout and extra information.

Almac Ltd

Almac Ltd. is an industry-leading manufacturer and distributor of wholesale chocolate boxes, among other premium packaging options. Almac Ltd. offers chocolates in distinctive and eye-catching containers, with an emphasis on design, utility, and personalization. 

They have several different types of boxes available, from rigid boxes to folding cartons to bespoke packaging. The website for Almac Ltd. has a portfolio and a quote/sample request form for an individual, tailored packaging experience.

Burt Box

Burt Box is a renowned packaging wholesaler, famous for its high-quality, adaptable chocolate packaging. Burt Box provides a variety of packaging solutions to improve the look of chocolates, and they do so with a dedication to workmanship and attention to detail. 

Elegant rigid boxes and custom-printed designs are just two examples of the ways they help chocolatiers meet their packaging and branding objectives. Burt Box’s online storefront highlights their commitment to high-quality products and satisfied customers.

Deluxe Boxes

If you’re looking for a dependable source of wholesale chocolate boxes, look no further than Deluxe Boxes. To preserve the freshness and appearance of chocolates, they provide a selection of chic, adaptable boxes made from premium materials. 

Folding cartons, rigid boxes, and bespoke packaging designs are all available from Deluxe Boxes, allowing chocolatiers to provide their consumers with an extravagant and unforgettable unpacking experience. 

The Custom Boxes

In the wholesale chocolate box market, The Custom Boxes stands out for its flexibility and attention to detail. They provide custom packaging in a variety of forms, such as folding cartons, window boxes, and gift boxes, all of which may be adjusted to meet your product’s dimensions and marketing objectives. 

To help consumers find the best box for their chocolates, Custom Boxes provides a user-friendly website where they can browse several alternatives, get price quotations, and even get free samples.


In the highly competitive candy sector, wholesale chocolate boxes are essential to the success of chocolatiers, confectioners, and retailers. Beyond their primary functions of storage and transportation, the advantages of these various forms of packing are extensive. 

They provide a blank slate for companies to stamp their identities on, allowing for a more unique and memorable presentation of their chocolates. 

Chocolatiers may discover the ideal packaging option to reflect their brand’s values and meet the needs of a variety of events from the extensive selection of designs, sizes, and finishes available.