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In the realm of gift-giving, the presentation is just as crucial as the gift’s contents. Elevate your gift-giving game with a stunningly presented present that not only ignites anticipation and excitement but also conveys your thoughtful efforts to the recipient. 

Nowadays, gift boxes with lids are the go-to choice for individuals and businesses alike. Perfect for any occasion, these boxes offer a sleek and practical packaging solution. You can now upgrade your packaging game with these versatile boxes that strike the perfect balance between practicality and beauty. 

Whether it’s delicate jewelry, exquisite chocolates, or luxurious skincare products, gift boxes with lids are the perfect fit for your needs. Let’s dive into details about suppliers of wholesale gift boxes with lids.

Suppliers Of Gift Boxes With Lids

The following are some suppliers that supply gift boxes with lids in wholesale:


Gift boxes with lids are just one of the many wholesale packaging and shipping products that can be found at Uline. Their online store has a wide selection of boxes in a variety of sizes, designs, and materials to fulfill every packaging requirement. 

Uline is the go-to shipping and packing provider for many companies because of their dedication to quality and their affordable rates.

Paper Mart

Paper Mart has been serving the wholesale packaging and craft supply needs of its customers for almost a century. They provide a wide variety of gift boxes with flaps and lids to choose from. 

They provide a wide variety of packaging options, from simple cardboard boxes to sophisticated bespoke boxes. Product information, pictures, and wholesale prices are all available on their website.

Nashville Wraps

When it comes to ecological packaging, Nashville Wraps is the go-to provider. Wholesalers may choose from several different styles of eco-friendly gift boxes with lids. 

Businesses may take advantage of their custom printing capabilities, as well as their wide selection of box sizes, styles, and colors, to further personalize their packaging. 

Nashville Wraps is well-known for its dedication to providing customers with high-quality, cost-effective, and eco-friendly packaging solutions.

Box And Wrap 

When it comes to retail and gift packaging, Box and Wrap is your go-to source. Wholesale gift boxes with lids are available from this vendor in a wide variety of price points and styles. 

Box & Wrap has a wide selection of shipping containers, including rigid boxes, folding boxes, and magnetic closing containers. Their website features in-depth descriptions of their products, in addition to sizing guides and personalization tools.

Bayley’s Boxes

When it comes to packing, nobody does it better than Bayley’s Boxes. Different sized and shaped wholesale gift boxes with lids are available. Bayley’s Boxes has a variety of unique packaging alternatives for your presents, such as pillow boxes and cube boxes. 

Their website displays a rainbow of box designs so that buyers may pick the right packaging to complement any occasion or aesthetic preference.

Bags And Bows

Wholesale packaging is Bags & Bows‘ forte, and that includes gift boxes with lids. There’s a large variety of box sizes, colors, and styles to choose from. 

Bags & Bows offers a wide variety of packaging solutions, from simple white boxes to festively coloured bows. The user-friendliness of their website makes it simple for clients to browse the available packaging options and select the best box for their requirements.

BRP Box Shop

When you need superior bespoke packaging, go no farther than BRP Box Shop. Two-piece boxes, gable boxes, and folding boxes are just some of the wholesale presentation options they provide. 

Businesses may rely on BRP Box Shop for high-quality, aesthetically pleasing packaging solutions. Specs, customization choices, and price dependent on quantity may all be found on their website.


Gift boxes with lids are only one of the many transparent packaging options offered by ClearBags. They provide a variety of wholesale clear boxes that are both attractive and practical. 

Customers may easily navigate the available transparent boxes in a variety of sizes and styles on the ClearBags website. They also provide options for personalization, making it easy for companies to add their own logos.

Box Fox

Box Fox is a retailer that provides carefully selected gift sets. They provide pre-assembled gift boxes with covers for special events including birthdays, weddings, and business parties. 

Box Fox is a company that prides itself on making gift boxes that are both elegant and considerate. Visitors to their website may peruse images of all of their gift box assortments, making it easy to find the right present for any occasion.

Box Depot

Wholesale gift boxes with lids are just one of many packing options available from The Box Depot. They have diverse sizes, shapes, and colors of boxes to suit a wide range of packaging requirements. 

The Box Depot serves both individual consumers and commercial enterprises, and does so by providing affordable prices and flexible ordering choices. Their website offers a wide selection of products and a simple means of placing an order.

All sorts of wholesale gift boxes with lids are available from these vendors, in a wide variety of designs, sizes, materials, and personalization possibilities. 


To add a touch of class and ease to your gift-giving or product packaging, wholesale gift boxes with lids are a great option. They provide a simple answer that helps you save time, protects your presents, and makes a good impression. 

These boxes may be tailored to fit the needs of a broad variety of events and businesses thanks to their adaptability. Wholesale gift boxes with lids are convenient for a wide variety of occasions, including parties, weddings, and product displays.