Custom Two Piece Boxes

At Union Packster, our custom box packaging can make your products look extraordinary and beautiful. We offer custom two-piece boxes in a variety of sizes, shapes, and styles to meet the unique needs of our valuable clients.

Our boxes are made from rigid cardboard, but we can also manufacture them using other materials, such as corrugated and single cardboard sheets. These boxes not only make your products appear more elegant but also help to drive sales.


Custom Box with Hanging and Locking Tabs

At Union Packster, our packages with hanging and locking tabs are the perfect choice for products such as cosmetics, jewelry, and food items. These boxes are exceptional at grabbing the attention of customers and providing an attractive packaging solution.

We offer these boxes in a variety of dimensions and designs, customized to meet the unique demands of our customers. Our custom-made boxes feature hanger tabs with die-cuts that allow them to be hung for attractive display, making them the perfect choice for products that require a good display.

Our boxes not only attract potential buyers but also provide a spacious look for fancy products. You can also do branding of your product to upgrade its promotion and take your brand to the next level.

Custom Bookend Boxes