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In a world where people can’t get enough sugar, cookies have cemented their place as an enduring favorite. Cookies, whether they’re the classic chocolate chip kind, the delicate macaron or the hearty oatmeal raisin, are loved all over the world. 

Businesses have found that selling wholesale cookie boxes is a great method to both meet consumers’ cookie needs and expand their product offerings. Some of the wholesale cookie box distributors are profiled in this article.

Wholesale Cookie Box Suppliers

Some of the renowned suppliers of cookie boxes are as follows:

Branded Bites

Branded Bites offers an assortment of delicious cookies that may be personalized with logos, slogans, or unique designs for occasions such as company parties, trade shows, and promotions. 

With their exceptional flavor and talent for customization, they elevate every cookie package they create.

Wholesale Candy Shop

The Wholesale Candy Shop sells bulk cookie boxes and a wide range of sweets. They specialize in bulk sweets for businesses who want to give customers a variety. Their cookie boxes provide sizes, shapes, and flavors for everyone. For classic and gourmet cookies, the Wholesale Candy Shop has it all.

Specialty Bakery & Confections

Cookies, among other baked goodies, are a specialty of Specialty Bakery & Confections, a wholesale bakery that takes great pleasure in the quality of its products. 

They take pride in their handcrafted cookie boxes, which are the result of their use of only the finest ingredients and time-honored baking methods. 


Bakery ingredients, goods, and services are some of BakeMark USA’s specialties. They have a variety of wholesale cookie boxes available, so stores can stock up on consumers’ favorite treats. 

They have an extensive cookie assortment because they collaborate with many different bakers and food service specialists. 

Sweet Flour Bake Shop

The Canadian bakery Sweet Flour Bake Shop is well-known for its gourmet cookies and individualized cookie gift sets. Their wholesale cookie boxes provide tempting assortments of cookies in a wide range of tastes and textures. 

Wholesale cookie boxes from Sweet Flour Bake Shop allow retailers to stock their shelves with a delicious selection of cookies that will have consumers coming back for more.

Delightful Pastries

Chicago’s Delightful Pastries is famous for its delicious European-style pastries and other baked goods. All of the cookies in their wholesale cookie boxes are handcrafted in small batches using time-honored techniques and premium ingredients. 

They take pride in making every one of their wholesale cookie boxes a delectable experience for the customer. Delightful Pastries’ wholesale cookie boxes bring a taste of European indulgence to any café, restaurant, or store.

Cookie Joint

The Cookie Joint is a wholesale cookie box provider that specializes in making and selling specialized cookies. Famous “Cookie Fries” are these fried, cookie-shaped snacks that come with a variety of sauces to dip them in. 

Their original take on cookie design adds a fun touch to the sweet treat. There’s something for everyone’s eyes and taste buds in their selection of wholesale cookie boxes. 

They also provide wholesale solutions that stand out from the crowd, whether you’re searching for a special treat for your customers or an unforgettable present.

Eleni’s New York

The cookies of Eleni’s New York, hand-iced and decorated to order, have made the bakery famous. Their wholesale cookie boxes are highly sought after by businesses and people alike due to their high quality and attractive design. 

Eleni’s New York’s wholesale cookie boxes are ideal for gatherings, parties, or corporate giving due to their vast variety of cookie designs and themes suitable for such occasions. 

Their commitment to utilizing only the highest quality ingredients and meticulous attention to detail results in cookie boxes that are as visually stunning as they are tasty.

Lark Fine Foods

Lark Fine Foods is an artisanal cookie producer known for its one-of-a-kind creations. Each of the goodies in their wholesale cookie boxes is made with care and attention to detail. 

Cookies from Lark Fine Foods range from traditional to creative, all of which are bursting with flavor thanks to their careful preparation using high-quality ingredients. 

They also offer wholesale alternatives that improve the cookie experience, whether you’re filling your shelves or searching for excellent cookies for your consumers.

Dancing Deer Baking Co.

The Dancing Deer Baking Co. is a wholesale cookie box manufacturer located in Boston, Massachusetts. They use only the finest, all-natural ingredients in their homemade cookies, making them impossible to refuse. 

Cookies from Dancing Deer Baking Co. are made with care and attention to detail, with a focus on flavor and texture that will please even the pickiest of eaters. 

Their wholesale cookie boxes are a delight for everyone with a sweet tooth, whether they prefer chewy classics or adventurous new flavor combinations. If you own a restaurant, a gift store, or just need some cookies for an event, Dancing Deer Baking Co. has some fantastic wholesale alternatives for you.


A wide variety of wholesale cookie boxes are available from the aforementioned vendors. These companies are the best in their field because they consistently deliver delicious and innovative products, such as gourmet assortments for retailers and custom-designed cookies for corporate occasions.