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The perfect packaging can make all the difference, whether you’re giving someone a delicious cake for a special occasion or a batch of cupcakes for a casual gathering. 

Bakers and candymakers have taken to using custom cake boxes with windows because of their attractiveness, portability, and durability.

The days of merely putting cakes in any old box are over. Modern bakers know how important it is to present their finished goods in a visually pleasing manner. Windowed, bespoke cake boxes give visitors a tantalizing glimpse of the delectable treats inside. 

Customers are more likely to make a purchase when they can see the cakes’ vivid colors, detailed patterns, and appetizing embellishments via the see-through window.

Unforgettable Unpacking Experience

Cake boxes with windows provide for a very customizable packing experience, which is one of their main selling points. Bakers may personalize these boxes with their company’s logo, slogan, and other branding aspects to make them stand out in the marketplace. 

This not only improves the customer’s entire package experience but also assists in building brand identification. 

The opportunity to personalize the boxes to match the cake’s theme or occasion is a major selling point. Custom cake boxes with windows not only look great but also have functional benefits. 

Customers may see the cake clearly through the glass and make an educated decision without opening the box. This is especially helpful for bakeries and pastry stores that provide a wide variety of cakes. 

The buying experience is streamlined, and the customer saves time by readily comparing styles, sizes, and flavors. Let’s dive into details of the suppliers that deal in custom cake boxes with windows.

Suppliers Of Custom Cake Boxes

Suppliers of high-quality bespoke cake boxes with windows include:


BagnBoxman provides customized cake boxes with windows and other packaging options in the UK. They provide several sizes and styles, so you can choose the right cake box. Their sturdy boxes display cakes attractively.

Cake Boxes Direct

Cake Boxes Direct is a major cake box and packaging company. They make personalized cake boxes with windows in various sizes. Their high-quality boxes preserve and showcase cakes well. Customization options let you brand or personalize the boxes.


Unger makes unique cake boxes with windows for bakeries. They have sizes and styles for various cakes. Food-safe packaging keeps cakes fresh and attractive. Unger customizes to your needs.

Cake Craft Company

The Cake Craft Company handles all cake decorating and packing. They have windowed, bespoke cake cases to display your cakes. Their robust boxes come in numerous sizes and styles. Cake Craft Company enables customization to personalize your package.

Cake stuff

Cake Stuff sells cake decorating and packaging items. Custom cake boxes with windows protect and showcase cakes. Their boxes accommodate diverse cake varieties and sizes. Cake Stuff customizes packaging.

Custom Boxes

Custom Boxes supplies bakery packaging and other sectors. Cake boxes with windows can be customized. Their high-quality packaging exhibits your cakes well. Custom Boxes offer printing and customization to boost branding.


Chocolat chocolat packages chocolate and sweets. They also make windowed cake boxes. Their boxes display cakes in various sizes and styles. Chocolat chocolat allows customization.


Dhgate sells unique cake boxes with windows. They provide a selection of items from different suppliers. Before buying, check the seller’s ratings and reviews for product quality and dependability.

Consider quality, customization, cost, and customer reviews when choosing a provider for bespoke cake boxes with windows. To discover the finest provider for your needs, browse their websites and evaluate their features and benefits.


Cake boxes with windows made to order are a great way to showcase your product while also adding a personal touch and promoting your business. 

They’re a great way for bakeries to show off their wares, and they keep customers safe and comfortable at the same time. Bakeries that make an investment in unique packaging options may improve their cakes’ first impressions on customers and stand out from the crowd.