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Building a solid brand identity is crucial in the cutthroat retail and fashion industries. Customized garment boxes with logos are a great way to increase brand awareness and stick in the minds of consumers. 

These custom packaging options are not only an effective means of showcasing and protecting your items but also of promoting your business. In this article, we’ll discuss the details of the suppliers that deal in garment boxes with logos.

Suppliers Of Apparel Boxes

The following is some information regarding suppliers of apparel boxes with logos.

Prime Line Packaging

Prime Line Packaging is America’s go-to packaging company for branded clothing packaging. They focus on tailoring their packaging services to the specific requirements of enterprises. 

They cater to eco-conscious businesses by providing them with sustainable packaging alternatives. Their dedication to superior craftsmanship and care for detail guarantees that your logoed custom garment boxes will look great and do justice to your company.

Salazar Packaging

Salazar Packaging is a trusted provider of unique packaging options, including branded garment boxes. They provide a variety of packaging choices and collaborate with customers to develop unique and effective designs. 

Sustainable packaging solutions are Salazar Packaging’s specialty, and the company’s commitment to environmentally friendly materials and practices throughout the production process is unparalleled. 

Their expert staff makes sure your personalized clothing boxes accurately represent your company’s vision and values without sacrificing form or function.

Stampa Prints

Stampa Prints is an established online provider of bespoke packaging, such as branded garment boxes. Customers may quickly and simply add their logo, brand colors, and other design elements to the boxes on their user-friendly website. 

It is an affordable packaging company that specializes in serving small and medium-sized enterprises. 

Their goal is to make the process of ordering personalized garment boxes easy for customers by offering fast turnaround times and a focus on customer happiness.


BoxesMe is an adaptable packaging provider that focuses on logo-imprinted garment boxes. They provide a wide variety of packaging options that are made with the fashion industry in mind. 

They stress the significance of producing packaging that is both aesthetically pleasing and practical, therefore encapsulating the spirit of a business. For the sake of the environment, they provide eco-friendly alternatives and check that their boxes are sturdy. 

Their proficiency in bespoke packaging allows them to provide outstanding outcomes for companies seeking to expand their brand recognition.

Refine Packaging

When you need superior packaging solutions, look no further than Refine Packaging, a dependable provider of custom garment boxes with logos. 

To help you make packaging that stands out from the crowd, they provide a wide range of materials, coatings, and personalization choices. Refine Packaging takes the time to learn about their customers’ branding goals and then implements those goals into innovative and practical packaging. 

Their dedication to quality and focus on customer service make them a go-to for companies looking for unique packaging for their clothing lines.

Deluxe Boxes

When it comes to high-end bespoke packaging, no one does it better than Deluxe Boxes. They are experts in designing luxurious packaging that will impress your customers.

Craftsmanship and attention to detail are at the heart of Deluxe Boxes, which is why they provide a wide variety of high-end materials, coatings, and personalization possibilities for customers. 

Each personalized garment box accurately represents the brand and raises the perceived worth of the contents within thanks to their dedication to excellence.

Precious Packaging

Precious Packaging is a manufacturer in the United Kingdom that provides bespoke packaging options, such as branded clothing boxes. They have a variety of designs and types of packaging to meet the requirements of different brands. 

Precious Packaging specializes in making packaging that is both aesthetically pleasing and practical, giving them an edge in the competitive marketplace. 

They offer high-quality personalized garment boxes that are in line with the brand’s vision and values because of their hard-working crew and dedication to sustainability.


The UK-based company BoxMart is a reliable source for bespoke packaging options such as branded clothing boxes. Their many packaging options provide companies with the freedom to develop unique products that accurately represent their brand. 

BoxMart’s bespoke clothing boxes are both aesthetically pleasing and functionally useful because of the company’s dedication to innovation and quality. 

They are a reliable partner for companies that want to improve their packaging and brand recognition because of their dedication to excellent customer care and prompt delivery.

Swanline Print

Swanline Print is an industry leader in the United Kingdom (UK) when it comes to providing custom packaging solutions like branded garment boxes. Experts on staff collaborate closely with customers to create eye-catching and effective packaging. 

Swanline Print uses eco-friendly products and methods that demonstrate the company’s dedication to sustainability. 

Their bespoke apparel boxes are made with care and attention to detail to guarantee that the clothes inside are safe and that the buyer has a positive experience with the company.

Gator Packaging

Logo-printed custom garment boxes are just one of the many custom packaging options offered by Gator Packaging. They are experts at making packaging that does double duty as an eye-catching advertisement and a useful container. 

Gator Packaging provides a number of possibilities for customization, including various materials and finishes. Their dedication to providing excellent service at reasonable prices has earned them a stellar reputation. 

If you’re looking for bespoke garment boxes that go well with your brand’s aesthetic, look no further than Gator Packaging.


Fashion and retail firms benefit from logoed garment boxes. They leave a lasting impact on clients, differentiate your brand from competitors, and make unpacking memorable. 

Custom packaging protects clothing and boosts brand identity and growth. Custom garment boxes may boost brand awareness and build customer loyalty.