Tips for Designing Your Custom Confectionary Packaging

With the amount of time, care, and dedication that goes into producing handcrafted candies and confections, you want your confectionary packaging to reflect that and protect the final product. There are a few things to consider when you create the confectionary packaging design that best protects and presents your treats.

Special Features to Enhance Your Brand

When it comes to confections, sometimes you need specific features in your packaging to protect the candy or baked goods to ensure that your customer enjoys it at home just as it was when they left the store with it.

For example, if you’re packaging truffles, mixed chocolates or candies, you’ll want packaging that includes sturdy dividers that prevent any cross-touching of coatings. Since many candies are rolled in powdered coatings like cocoa or powdered sugar, these dividers will ensure that the treats don’t bump against each other and spread those coatings between them.

In addition, if you have treats that are vulnerable to cracking or breaking, such as specialty chocolate bars, you’ll want boxes that are custom designed to the dimensions of the bars and insulated to protect the bars from breaking in transport. The bars will sit snugly in the packaging, keeping them secure.

How Will You Display the Treats?

If you plan to display some of your treats in the confectionary packaging, it is important that your packaging design be conducive to this. Whether you choose packaging that can prop open or packages with removable or clear plastic lids, make sure that you think about how you’re going to display things before you finalize your design.

This is often easiest to do if you already know what your display or POS cases will look like. If you will have racks in the cases, you should choose packaging that will fit on the racks easily, that way you don’t have to worry about it slipping while it’s on display.

What Do You Want Your Boxes to Look Like?

Remember that the way your confectionary packaging looks is going to have just as much effect on how customers perceive your product as the appearance of the product itself. Think about how you want your packaging to look, including any designs, colors, images, and visibility features. Consider the fact that when you are selling confections, customers often buy them as gifts, so opt for packaging designs that are decorative as well as functional.

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