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Pizza’s cheesy, saucy, deliciousness is a social glue that pulls people together. However, the pizza box is an integral part of every delicious pizza. Pizza boxes are essential for keeping pizza hot and fresh, safeguarding its contents, and facilitating its transit. 

This article will discuss the numerous options available of wholesale pizza boxes, and the factors to consider when selecting the best pizza box supplier.

Types Of Pizza Boxes 

Wholesale pizza boxes may be found in a wide range of sizes, shapes, and materials to accommodate a wide variety of pizzas and client preferences. The following are some typical examples:

Traditional Corrugated Boxes

Classic corrugated boxes have a folding top and side flaps and are composed of strong corrugated cardboard. They provide excellent insulation and defense for standard-sized pizzas.

Pizza Slice Boxes

Specifically made for slicing and serving pizza, pizza slice boxes are compact and provide snug storage for individual pieces. They work well with quick food, food trucks, and takeout.

Eco-Friendly Boxes

With more and more people concerned about the environment, eco-friendly pizza boxes are becoming increasingly common. These boxes show that you care about sustainability and want to attract clients who share your values.

Customized Boxes

Many pizza joints use unique pizza boxes to distinguish themselves from the competition. These containers may be customized with corporate logos, contact details, and special incentives to boost brand awareness and customer loyalty

Wholesale Suppliers Of Pizza Boxes

The following are some renowned suppliers of pizza boxes:


Pactiv is an industry-leading provider of packaging materials, including pizza boxes, in bulk quantities. Pactiv’s sustainable packaging alternatives and cutting-edge designs are tailor-made for the demands of the food service sector. 

Their pizza boxes are long-lasting, good at keeping food warm, and can be printed in whatever way the customer wants.


The food service industry is only one of several that WestRock serves with its innovative packaging solutions. Their wholesale pizza boxes are of the highest quality and are made to last while keeping your pizzas safe and secure. 

Pizza boxes from WestRock are sturdy, and they come in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit a wide range of pizzas and client tastes.

International Paper

International Paper is a world leader in paper and packaging, providing restaurants with pizza boxes in bulk orders. There is a wide variety of pizza boxes to choose from, and each one may be personalized to feature a company’s logo and other identifying features. 

They are committed to providing goods that consistently exceed both market requirements and client expectations.


Genpak is an industry leader in supplying cutting-edge food packaging options, such as pizza boxes. Their pizza boxes are made to keep pizzas hot and flavorful even after being transported. 

They provide several options for pizza boxes for businesses to pick from according to their size, style, and material preferences.

Packaging Corporation of America

Pizza boxes are only one example of the many packaging options available from Packaging Corporation of America (PCA). Their pizza boxes are built to last and keep food hot for a long time. 

With PCA’s flexible printing options, companies can put their brand in the spotlight and give their packaging a more professional appearance.

Paper Mart

Paper Mart is an experienced provider of packaging solutions, and its offerings include pizza boxes wholesale. They come in a range of shapes and sizes to suit various pizza sizes. Pizzas will arrive at their destination in one piece thanks to the durable construction and tight closures of Paper Mart’s pizza boxes.

The Box Co-op

Wholesale pizza boxes are just one of many bespoke packaging options offered by The Box Co-op

They provide a wide variety of adaptable choices to accommodate various corporate identity needs. The Box Co-op is dedicated to making pizza boxes that stand out for all the right reasons.

Box Up

If you’re looking for wholesale pizza boxes, go no further than BoxUp! They offer a user-friendly website where companies can create and buy custom pizza boxes to meet their needs. BoxUp’s pizza boxes are sturdy, and you can add your own logo or artwork to make them stand out.

Mr Take Out Bags

MrTakeOutBags is an industry leader in food packaging, and that includes pizza box wholesale. They have several different sized and styled pizza boxes available to suit a wide range of pizzas. Their primary goal is to offer high-quality packaging options for pizza delivery.


Fastkit, a provider of packaging solutions, provides businesses with pizza boxes that are tailored to their specifications. They focus on premium packaging options, such as high-end and custom pizza boxes. 

The pizza boxes offered by Fastkit are well made and customizable, allowing for a truly luxurious packaging experience that also serves to promote the brand’s identity.


Wholesale pizza boxes serve an important role in the pizza industry by keeping food fresh, shielding the pizza from damage, and providing space for advertising. 

Make sure the pizza boxes you choose are the right size for your pizzas, constructed of sturdy materials, and eco-friendly if at all feasible. Pizzerias and restaurants may boost their image and client happiness with the help of pizza boxes that are both dependable and stylish.