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When it comes to baked goods, appearance is everything. Pastry shops, cafes, and restaurants may all benefit from carefully considering how they package their baked goods to ensure they remain fresh and appetizing for clients. Wholesale pastry boxes are ideal for this purpose. 

To ensure that baked goods are kept fresh, aesthetically pleasing, and protected while in transit or on display, bakeries and stores may make use of these custom packaging options. In this article, we’ll discuss the details of some of the wholesale pastry box suppliers out there.

Suppliers Of Wholesale Pastry Boxes

The following are some of the suppliers that deal in wholesale pastry boxes.

Mid Atlantic Packaging

The wholesale pastry boxes you need may be found at Mid Atlantic Packaging, an established company in the United States. Pastries may be packaged in a variety of alternatives from their selection of food and gourmet boxes, which will keep them looking and tasting great. 

Their variety of pastry boxes accommodates a wide range of pastry sizes and shapes, from windowed boxes to handle boxes and beyond. 

Mid Atlantic Packaging provides trustworthy packaging solutions for bakeries and food merchants, with a focus on quality and customer happiness.


The United Kingdom is home to Foldabox, a renowned provider of high-end packaging options. Elegant wholesale pastry boxes are available in their selection. 

Foldabox caters to the needs of bakeries of all shapes and sizes by providing boxes in a rainbow of hues and materials to house a wide range of sweets. Their magnetic fasteners and premium materials make their packaging feel more special. 

They offer a superior packing experience, making sure your pastries are safe and looking great at the same time.


Transpack, headquartered in the United Kingdom, is a dependable provider of packaging solutions, including wholesale pastry boxes. Pastries and other baked goods will look delicious in their display food boxes. 

Their pastry boxes may be customized with a variety of features, including transparent window lids and varying sizes, so that buyers can have a sneak peek at the tasty goodies within. 

Transpack is the best option for businesses that want to do their part for the environment while also meeting the needs of their customers, since their eco-friendly packaging solutions represent their dedication to sustainability.

Packaging Chimp

Located in the United Kingdom, Packaging Chimp provides a broad variety of packaging options for a number of different businesses, including the food industry. Wholesale pastry boxes in a variety of sizes and amounts are among their offerings. 

Packaging Chimp has a wide variety of alternatives for bakeries, from single cupcake boxes to huge cake boxes. Their pastry boxes are well-made and simple to construct, with features like see-through windows and inserts. 

They are dedicated to providing high-quality packaging services at affordable prices.


Wholesale pastry boxes are only one of the many packaging options available from Zeal-x, a reputable Chinese packaging provider. They have a wide variety of pastry boxes to accommodate a variety of bakeries’ needs. 

Zeal-x takes great care to guarantee that its pastry boxes not only keep your baked goods safe, but also draw attention to your business with their cutting-edge designs.

Hua Printing

In addition to their other packaging options, Hua Printing, located in China, also provides wholesale pastry boxes. Hua Printing provides high-quality pastry boxes that are both practical and aesthetically pleasing because of their printing and production abilities. 

You may tailor the packaging to your business’s specific needs with their help. Hua Printing cares deeply about its clients and their needs, therefore they’ll tailor the construction of your pastry boxes to match your specifications.

Packaging Box

Packaging Box, headquartered in China, is a leading provider of packaging solutions such as wholesale pastry boxes, among many others. They provide several sizes and styles of pastry boxes to suit a variety of pastries. 

They place a priority on quality and care, employing only the finest materials and manufacturing processes to create pastry boxes that are both durable and aesthetically pleasing. 

Packaging Boxes mission is to supply bakeries and grocery stores with dependable and visually beautiful packaging solutions, and they do this by paying close attention to detail and providing excellent customer service.


Canada-based TRG is an industry-leading provider of supply chain management and packaging services. The food and beverage industry is only one of several that they serve. Pastry boxes by TRG are available in bulk and are made to both store and display your baked goods in style. 

Their food packaging options are of the highest quality, so your baked goods will retain their flavor and appearance. TRG offers complete packaging services designed to fulfill the unique requirements of enterprises in the food sector, with an emphasis on innovation and sustainability.

Ashtonne Packaging

Ashtonne Packaging, headquartered in Canada, is a trusted provider of packaging solutions for a variety of sectors, including the food industry. Pastry boxes that keep pastries looking and tasting great are something they provide in bulk. 

You may add your own brand’s flair to your pastry boxes with the help of Ashtonne Packaging’s adaptable design options. 

Ashtonne Packaging is a dependable option for organizations in need of pastry boxes because of their dedication to providing high-quality packaging solutions and great customer service.

Canada Brown

Canada Brown, headquartered in that country, is a reliable provider of packaging solutions for several sectors, including the food industry. Wholesale pastry boxes are available and are tailored to the requirements of bakeries and grocery stores. 

The pastries inside Canada Brown’s pastry boxes are safe and secure while being transported or displayed. Canada Brown is a dependable partner for businesses in need of trustworthy pastry packaging solutions due to their focus on product quality and client satisfaction.

Visit these vendors’ websites to learn more about their comprehensive product catalogs, price structures, available customizations, and shipping policies.


Bakers and merchants need wholesale pastry boxes. They keep pastries fresh and improve their appearance, convenience, and variety. 

High-quality wholesale pastry boxes can help your bakery or pastry production facility showcase its products, attract consumers, and satisfy them. If you want to elevate your baked products, wholesale pastry boxes are the right packaging.