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Retailers know that a good appearance is essential to drawing in customers and selling their wares. Wholesale acrylic boxes are a popular and adaptable option for this purpose. 

These sturdy, see-through containers are a great option for anyone seeking a practical storage or display solution, from stores to event organizers. 

Acrylic is much easier to handle and carry than glass or other heavy materials because of its low weight. Companies that participate in pop-up events, trade fairs, or exhibits appreciate this quality because of the need for rapid setup and disassembly. 

Because of their low weight, delivering items in acrylic boxes is an economical and time-saving choice for online retailers. 

Wholesale acrylic boxes are renowned for their durability and protection. Polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) is a robust thermoplastic polymer that is used to make them, making them a safer option than glass due to their resistance to impact and breaking. 

Dropping or bumping an acrylic box won’t damage it, so your valuables are safe in there. They also retain their transparency and don’t fade with time because of their resistance to UV rays. 

Acrylic boxes are great for storing fragile or expensive items because of their sturdy construction. In this article, we will be discussing information about the wholesale suppliers of acrylic boxes.

Suppliers Of Acrylic Boxes

Some of the suppliers who deal in acrylic boxes are as follows:


Displays2go is an established company that provides several types of wholesale packaging, including acrylic boxes. 

They provide acrylic boxes in a wide range of designs, sizes, and shapes, making them ideal for use in storefront displays, convention booths, and other public venues. To aid you in finding the ideal acrylic boxes, their website features an intuitive layout and detailed product information.

Container Store

The Container Store is most known for its storage and organization items, but they also have acrylic boxes. 

While they may not be exclusively focused on wholesale solutions, they do provide acrylic boxes in a variety of sizes that may be used for storage and display in both homes and businesses.

Clean Solutions

Clean Solutions is a leading provider of acrylic display goods. A variety of acrylic box types, including hinged, lift-off, and stackable versions, are available in bulk from this supplier. 

Their packaging is perfect for displaying goods, storing supplies, or designing eye-catching storefront displays.

Creative Acrylics

When it comes to acrylic fabrication, Creative Acrylics is your go-to provider. Customizable acrylic packaging is available in bulk quantities. They will work with you to make acrylic boxes in whatever size and style you want.

US Acrylic

Wholesale acrylic boxes are only one of the many acrylic items that US Acrylic is a market leader in producing and supplying. They provide clear acrylic boxes in a range of sizes and shapes to meet a variety of storage and display requirements. 

Because of their goods’ reliability and clarity, they are frequently used for retail display and storage.

Acme Plastics

Acme Plastics has a variety of acrylic containers in common sizes, shapes, and colors. Choose the perfect acrylic box for your needs with the help of the information and customization tools provided on their website.

TAP Plastics

Acrylic boxes are only one of the many plastic goods and materials that TAP Plastics is recognized for supplying. They provide acrylic containers in a range of conventional and custom sizes. Their website has several plastic containers, including acrylic boxes, as well as guides and tutorials.

Sunbelt Displays

If you’re looking for wholesale acrylic boxes made to your specifications, Sunbelt Displays is the place to go. 

They have a staff of talented artisans that can make acrylic boxes in any size or shape to suit your needs for displaying or storing items. You can learn more about what they can do and see samples of their previous work on their website.

Allen Displays

Allen Display provides a wide variety of wholesale acrylic boxes in a variety of sizes and shapes to meet a wide range of retail and storage requirements. 

You can choose the best acrylic boxes for your needs with the aid of their website, which features in-depth product descriptions and a straightforward layout.

Plastic Products 

Plastic Products Mfg. produces acrylic boxes in a range of common sizes that are available for use in store fixtures, general warehousing, and more. 

Make sure each vendor can fulfill your needs by visiting their online store and looking through the products they sell, prices, choices for customization, and shipping policies. 


Because of their adaptability, durability, and aesthetically pleasing design, acrylic boxes have become increasingly popular in many fields. 

Retail displays, event setups, and individual storage needs all benefit from its see-through quality, portability, and adaptability. 

Acrylic boxes are a wonderful alternative for presenting products and increasing client interaction since they preserve expensive objects while giving a visually pleasing presentation. 

Wholesale acrylic boxes continue to be a dependable and cost-effective alternative in retail and beyond as firms look for new methods to attract clients.