Four Benefits to Clamshell Packages

Clamshell packaging provide a variety of uses in the fast food industry. They serve as efficient food receptacles for any quick service restaurant or other industry at a low cost. Union Packaging produces quality clamshell packages designed to appeal to the customer. UP’s clamshell products satisfy both economical and environmentally sustainable requirements.
Here are four reasons why Union Packaging is a unique choice for clamshell packaging.

1. Environmentally Sustainable

Union Packaging provides environmentally friendly packaging production. Green Packaging uses post-consumer recycled material, soy-based ink and water-based gluing, all of which is certified by the Sustainable Forest Initiative. Being eco-friendly and affordable are no longer mutually exclusive with Union Packaging.

2. Versatile

Popular fast food chains use clamshell packaging for sandwiches, hamburgers, even French toast sticks. Union Packaging features both rectangular and square options for their clamshell packaging.

3. Aesthetically Pleasing

Every customer deserves an attractive clamshell package. Diligence to visual appeal will make them feel valued as an individual. As a result, an attractive package will encourage repeat customers. Union Packaging employs a dedicated packaging design team to meet the branding needs of any fast food
industry. UP strives to produce the most attractive designs upon request.

4. Quality Tested

Union Packaging implements multiple tests and rigid oversight on all their products. All clamshell packaging endures rigorous tests of durability, pressure, friction, fiber-tear and ink rub-off to assure best quality. As a result, UP always exceeds customer expectations.
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