At Union Packaging, we provide a comprehensive list of services for our customers. Here are some of the highlights…


We love challenges at Union Packaging. If you are looking to introducing a new product or improving on the design of an existing carton, we can walk you through the process from art to basic packaging design.


We are expert printers. Our staff has combined over 50 years in the printing industry, and with expertise in flexographic and gravure printing, we offer consultation and printing services to independent clients and other paper converting operation. If you are a carton manufacturer who is looking for addition printing capacity or a finishing shop without printing, Union Packaging can be a great strategic partner.

We can offer competitively priced printed sheets or individual carton flats.

Finishing & Gluing

The Gluing and Finishing department is the oldest at Union Packaging. Over our 13 year history we have formed cartons for some of the world’s most popular fast-food and quick service restaurants. With our strict quality assurance policies, our delivered cartons are tested rigorously for form and functionality.

Shipping and Customer Support

We offer the best in customer service and can help customers coordinate shipping when needed.

Our our team is available 24/7 to assist with any customer need.