Paper Options


TMP (Thermal Mechanical Pulp)

A board made from 50% recycled material (35% which is post consumer). The front of the board has a white surface that’s great for printing. The reverse is a nice matte gray.


SBS (Solid Bleach Sulfate)

This board is made from virgin fibers and has a clean, white appearance. It has no recycled content, but our board and our facility is SFI (Sustainable Forest Initiative) which means that our virgin trees are harvested responsibly.


Bending Chip

This is a brown, natural looking board created from 100% recycled material.


Earthpact® Sugar Cane

Earthpact® is the latest creation by Carvajal Pulp & Paper. This new, innovative and unique brand was specially designed for companies whose social responsibility and commitment to our planet have lead them to use alternative and sustainable products. All products under this brand are made 100% from sugar cane fiber and totally free of bleach and dyes. They have a unique, light creamy color that gives a clean, fresh and natural image.



This is a brown, natural looking board created from 100% unbleached virgin material.

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