Fry Packs


August 8, 2013

Union Packaging has worked on a variety of fry designs. Ideal for not just fries, but any smaller portion snack, this fry option offers a cool sleek look for your brand.

  • Nested cartons available in both round bottom and square bottom
  • Flat-pack styles are available upon request
  • Compatible with most fry scoops and carton dispensers
  • Vented versions available upon request to keep food crisp
  • Poly-coated and natural barrier options available for  better grease & oil control
  • Stock pattern or custom art available

View Size Options

Our fry packs are available in the following sizes:

  • Small (holds approx 8oz)
  • Medium (holds approx 12oz)
  • Large (holds approx 16oz)

View Paper Options

All of our fry packs can be printed on the following paperboard options:

  • SBS
  • CUK
  • TMP
  • Poly-coating (optional) – prevents wicking for use with greasy foods

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