Carry-out Boxes


August 5, 2013

Union Packaging makes carry-out cartons available with the following:

  • Nested for easy storage
  • Multiple sizes available (see below)
  • Simple Locks to prevent spills
  • Leak-proof design
  • Cartons come nested for optimal in store storage
  • Poly-coated and natural barrier options available for  better grease & oil control
  • Windowed cutouts (optional)
  • Stock pattern or custom art available

View Size Options

<em>Our carry-out boxes are available in the following sizes:</em>
<li>Medium (holds approx 12oz)</li>
<li>Large (holds approx 16oz)</li>

View Paper Options

<em>All of our carry-out boxes can be printed on the following paperboard options:</em>
<li>Poly-coating (optional) – prevents wicking for use with greasy foods</li>

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