When UP makes the box, our customers can be confident that they will get excellent service and quality from a folding carton leader whose workforce and procurement practices embrace diversity, employs minorities and buys from minority and women-owned businesses. Union Packaging is one of the few minority-owned manufacturers of pre-formed and folding cartons in the food service industry.

Diversity Program

Union Packaging serves two diverse audiences; our customers and our community. All have their own unique needs and within these groups you’ll find a wide range of people with varying attitudes, beliefs, and experiences.

The market for our customers is changing. And the business case for diversity is strong. In the U.S. the fastest growing segments of the population are Hispanic, Asian, and African American. The structures of families and the composition of communities are greatly changed from those our customers served just a decade ago. And Union Packaging must provide packaging and job opportunities to meet the needs of this widely varied market place.

At Union Packaging we partner with community organizations during the hiring process to hire competent employees whose talents would have otherwise gone unrecognized. This includes documented immigrants, ex-offenders and workers with diagnosed learning challenges.

By creating a safe and fun workplace, Union Packaging in the last fourteen years has attracted the highest skilled workers in the Paperboard Packaging Industry. We pride ourselves on having a visually and culturally diverse workforce.

Sound Strategies For A Diverse Marketplace

At Union Packaging, we’re keenly interested in diversity opportunities in the marketplace. At all levels of the organization, we actively recruit and develop women, people of color and people from different geographic origins, to ensure that all groups have a voice in production, marketing and business strategies.

Through our Supplier Diversity Program, we create a diverse balance of vendors by partnering with businesses owned by women and minorities. And through our employee recruiting we continue to broaden the career opportunities open to those groups.

The Power Of An Ongoing Commitment

At Union Packaging, we keep diversity top-of-mind throughout the year. We do so by building a culture in which each person takes personal ownership of diversity. Individually and collectively, our employees are seizing the opportunities our differences represent.

Our management team leads the charge by developing strategies, tearing down barriers and crossing organizational boundaries to ensure positive changes.

Together, we work hard and play hard. And we create a strong, successful Union Packaging.